The Wonderful Wonder Boy

Dec 30 | Posted by: Andrea Zonn |

Life comes at you fast sometimes.  Even when you think it’s taking forever.


I never thought I’d be blessed with a child.  And yet here he is, precious Leonard.  And time is racing by, just like everyone said it would.


Gone are the lazy mornings of replying to emails, sipping a hot cup of coffee, and catching up on the news.  Rare are the uninterrupted conversations with friends.  And the notion of running a few quick errands now requires planning around naps, feedings and diaper changes.  Every outing feels more like an excursion, not to be attempted without adequate preparation and packing.


Reading a book is a thing of the past, and now I’m kicking myself for not cramming more in before October 8 – especially those that would have explained the art of breastfeeding and caring for a newborn.  Silly me thought it would be the most natural thing in the world.


A stack of thank-you cards patiently awaits my attention.  And hopefully their intended recipients will be forgiving of my tardiness.


I pray that my office won’t fall into deeper disarray before I get into the groove of this motherhood thing.


I pray that my family and friends will forgive my absentmindedness.


I’m a shitty girlfriend – no time to be attentive.  No time or energy to just be together, unless it involves the little man.


I have gotten really proficient at staying atop the laundry.  And at washing bottles.  I don’t cook for myself much.  I only try to get in a good protein shake in the morning, then graze on the little snacks I try to keep on hand.  I don’t sleep much, because some people like their mommy to feed them a couple of times during the night.  Keeping house is a laughable notion.  I try to keep the place picked up, and I relish the arrival of every other Thursday, when Virginia makes her appearance to vacuum, mop, and attend to all the other details I can’t seem to get to.


But the delight in all these changes is extraordinary.  This small, toothless, bald guy is the most amazing creature.  I’m astounded at his ability to learn.  I’m even astounded when he has a dirty diaper – “isn’t it great that his little body is working??” I ask myself.

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